La cause de la cause – le conscience de paradigme et sa manifestation

The Cause of the causes: Consciousness Paradigm and its manifestation

We agree that the current architecture of our money is a main cause of our current dramatic situation. Then could we go beyond and seek for a cause of the cause in order to apply energy on the appropriate leverage?

In my experience, we manifest outer world from our inner world. The way money is structured today is a reflection of our collective consciousness. I passionate to find logic explanations on our paradoxical human progress: on one side being so more educated (% of people know to read and write, to abstract concepts), helped by technology (% of time to grow food, wash clothes…), informed (access to international news and travels); on the other side, let children, elders and weaks dye in the street, commodification of women wombs, genes and plants, leaving ruined ecosystems to our children to serve our needs of entertainment…

I’ve met two models that are helping me to understand how we arrived there, and what could be the next steps: Spiral dynamics and Tibetan Curve of Evolution. Both proposes an evolution of worldviews where individual and collective values, behaviours, comprehensions and structures advance from a total fusion with Nature (as a new-born baby), to a radical individualist (as young adult) until a wise connected with the Whole while singular (elders). Tibetans draw a ‘U’ where the “Whole” is on top centre and the ‘1’ on bottom. According to their vision, we go as human or as society from unconscious fusion, to conscious independence toward conscious union. Spiral dynamics symbolises a triple spiral, where the two steps are similar to the two turning points of the ‘U’. From this perspective, we start to understand that native societies are very closed to Nature and not using abstraction, the group is more important than the individual, reciprocity and circle structures are appropriate, time and space are limited. Then modern society appears with scripture that enlarges time and space, division of sciences from religion, massive projects that require hierarchical structure. Little by little the individual becomes the focus, Nature is controlled, Freud, Newton, Smith convince us. Everything is at our service, Adler, de Laplace, Friedman drives us to system that serves our individualistic value, and our current debt money is the nadir of the ‘1’ point. See ourselves enjoying to have our own tech-friend, flat, car and to do what we want, when we want, not committing, zapping from pleasure to emotional satisfaction!

At this point, apparently the only thing to do is to overturn and inversing all our priorities and identifications. After spending so much effort to build a super ‘I’, proposition is to offer it to the ‘We’, becoming a ‘I-We’ (not going back to the unconscious ‘We’). This step seems to include and transcend fusion & differentiation. From this emerging new worldview, new system can emerge. Wilber, Haramein, Laborde open new fields of psychology, physics and economy.

So let’s all of us shift our values, our point of reference, include and transcend polarities and thus money system will follow! Let’s radiate the inter-independency, the unity-liberty, the sovereignty-collectiveness!

Sybille Saint Girons, Paris, 9/3/2015


From MOOC Money & Society, Assignment week 3, March 2015


Option 2 – Choose one of the many problems we described as arising from the current monetary system and in no more than 400 words make your argument about why our analysis is limited, or unhelpful or just plain wrong. In making your case, reference all your sources.



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