2016 wishes and 2015 sump-up

In 2016 let’s change our climate!

Let’s dare to change radio channel, social climate,

priorities, mental-emotional disc!

Let’s dare to be consistent

and align our actions and our words,

our values and investments,

our relationships and our aspirations!

Let’s dare Transfiguration to Service to the Good of All

Beautiful 2016!

Sybille, Julien, Florent

2016 Joie


= communion in the Global Consciousness



A little game of awareness to apply everywhere and especially in our groups

The 3 sieves of Socrates that filter our impulses to speak:

Is it true ? Is it good ? Is it necessary?


Our next steps

  • Nourishing our international and local partnerships around the Commons, P2P money, Democracy, digital synergies, and a House of Alternatives in Paris
  • Inspire more memberships and contributions to the association
  • Translate and disseminate the initiative « The Credit Commons: a money for the solidarity economy »
  • Organize monthly events (evening, half day, breakfasts, retreat): empowering Games, inter-network cooperation spaces, workshops on constitution, Trading Floor game with Universal Dividend, digital design for Transition
  • Propose new training sessions « cooperation facilitators » and start the level 2
  • Animate a 7 steps cycle for « Transition’s Champion »: health, food, budget, I-We posture, needs, navigation tools, communication and information keys
  • Translate and animate the MOOC “Money and Society”
  • Prepare an ecovillages tour “participatory economic audit” in Europe
  • Study the relevance of initiating a participatory mapping for the Digital Transition: needs, solutions, existing projects
  • Provide actors of the Transition a retreat that combines internal and external transformation, individual healing and cooperative leadership
  • Study the feasibility of creating a « Territorial Cooperation Cluster » to develop the Common for Solidarity Economy (digital and collective intelligence tools) training, reinserting and graduating workers of tomorrow in serving of P2P organizations


Our current challenges

  • Succeed to communicate simply and clearly
  • Consolidate our 2 Wezer platforms to better coordinate our energies and be example
  • Meeting the basic needs of Julien
  • Support and empower the 2 Wezer pilot communities:
  • Mutual Aid Network, a cooperative based in Madison (USA) which is pooling and managing the values, and rewards the contribution with economic and social cooperation tools
  • LETS Audonien, the 2nd largest LETS in France
  • Feeding our partnerships to fortify Valeureux and Wezer
  • Publish our conceptions of human dynamics and digital tools for the Transition
  • Bring together enough communities likely to invest in the development of Wezer front-end
  • Better capitalize and shine on our actions
  • Consolidate our Existence Model


Our needs

to be found in our Wezer bit.ly/1VwKTJg and bit.ly/1NH6ngAwezer map

  • Communities and events to intervene
  • Events organisers and venues
  • Bids, grants applications and awards writers
  • A physical office in Paris, 3 days per week for 4
  • Python coders, Odoo integrators and geeks motivated to learn
  • Gardener-editors for our community
  • Video-reporters to produce videos
  • Help for feasibility and relevance study
  • Money13 to do all this


Our satisfactions

  • Sybille being recognized as « 100 Women Who Are Co-Creating the P2P Society » and 3 times « Woman of the day » on Facebook by P2P Foundation[1]
  • Succeeding to submitt our proposal to the EU call CAPS[2] with 7 partners and 9 pilot communities, 150 pages in English
  • Ensuring communication without any expert with 20 articles and good audience
  • Designing new workshops and the suite of Wezer
  • Participating in Mutual Aid Network movement that supports forms of cooperation to change our lives
  • Daring to inspire by sharing our story[3]
  • Contributing to new democratic practices
  • Contributing to the creation of a House of Alternative with ESSé XX and Ressources Alternatives
  • Being active on place de la République for Alternatiba Transition Day and during the Cop21
  • Actively contributing to MOOC Money and Society[4] and finally write our contribution about currency[5]
  • Making annual accounting for Valeureux and Teris using Wezer
  • Touching different environments: MP, psychologists, ecovillages, main stream media, town hall
  • Contributing to restore hope, motivation and contribution to those we meet
  • Accompanying Symba in its growth and its death
  • Being able to survive without Christophe
  • Keeping the intention, commitment and generosity despite heavy constraints
  • Viewing the seeds sown germinate
  • Receiving confidence and concrete support from our peers


Our realisations

Year events people DIRECT / INDIRECT €uros / JEU flux web
2015 165 1569 / 4241 7 667 € site : 12 500 (1042/month)

Valeureux FB group: 474 month

FB Fan page: 445

80 readers / post

Posts Like: 4 800

Wezer FB Fan page: 226

Posts Like: 2 057

2014 46 1826 3 238 € / 3 814 JEU site : 8 884 (773/ month)

Valeureux FB group 354 members

FB page Posts Like : 12 400

Wezer FB page Like : 9 300

2013 36 797 7 040 € / 2 766 JEU site : 9 504 (792/ month)
2012 37 688 6 615 € / 6 065 JEU site : (creation juil. 2012) 4 331 (772/ month)
2011 14 150 2 000 €
2010 9 145    
2009 1 70    




  • Brought 30 people to launch Wezer cooperative workshop[6]
  • Started implementing Wezer in Mutual Aid Network and LETS Audonien
  • Organised a Wezer code sprint in TERIS[7]
  • Made our first GA
  • Contributed to the French and international cooperation dynamics around mutualization Commons web tools[8]
  • Responded to 8 bids and awards
  • Hired Julien 26h / week for 1 year
  • Trained 15 Greek commoners and 5 Belgian timebankers to the Trading Floor game so they disseminate it into their networks
  • Enjoyed the scope of Trading Floor[9] game, the contribution to a tray version and its fork by Geconomicus
  • Supported Coop-cité, animating 5 door of 2 cycles, facilitating the strategic reorientation and joining each other’s organisations
  • Participated in international retreats of intense cooperation[10]
  • Supported builders of the Commons[11]
  • Delivered 32 tutorials for Wezer
  • Wezer presentations[12], Wezer debugging, Wezer training, Wezer coding, Wezer hosting, Wezer, Wezer!


Resource report

BENEFIT: -10 264€ including 7 746€ owed

INCOME: 20 010€

ü Wezer services: 5 970€

ü Julien expenses support for MAN Madison USA summit: 1 277€:

ü Hackhadon Without Model: 130€

ü 9 memberships: 290€

ü Subsidiaries for Julien wages: 12 343€


OUTLAY: 30 274€

ü Wezer code: 2 958€

ü Hosting: 468€

ü Julien wages: 10 236€

ü Julien  Social charges: 3 295€

ü Sybille defrayal: 2 080€, owed 4 550€

ü Florent defrayal: owed 2 726€

ü Operating costs: 3 500€ owed 460€


Sybille : 95%           Julien : 50%        Florent : 20%



Thanks for your comments, contributions, donations[13], spreads and demands!

[1] http://blog.p2pfoundation.net/100-p2p-women-sybille-saint-girons/2015/03/26

[2] Collective Awarenness Platform for Sustainability, soon essential elements on blog

[3] in private conference, Ouishare Fest, Lithuania

[4] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHLGoBLfaDo

[5]The Principles of money”, “The Cause of the causes – Consciousness Paradigm and its manifestation” bientôt en français sur notre blog

[6] https://www.facebook.com/events/885950268096037/

[7] TERIS, Sustainable Innovations Experimentation and Research Farm, www.teris.camp

[8] FLOSS4P2P, Alternatiba, Synergie Numérique, Collaborative Technology Alliance

[9] https://github.com/Valeureux/LaCorbeille-Trading-Floor and https://github.com/galuel/Geconomicus

[10]The More beautiful world“ with Charles Enseistein, Jem Bendel, “Democratic money and capital for the commons” with Michel Bauwens, Pat Conaty, David Bollier, Ellen Brown, Mary Mellor, Paul Mason, Simon Sarazin, John Restakis, Silke Helfrich, Cliff Rosenthal, Jason Nardi, Oscar Kjellberg, Alanna Krause, María G. Perulero, Pedro Manuel Peru Sasia, Robin Murray, Raymond Aitken, Christophe Guene, Christian Iaione, Andreas Karitzis, Thomas Mehwald, Heike Loeschmann, Matthew Slater, « MAN summit » with Stephanie Rearick, James Priest, Bob Haugen, Stephen Hinton, Phil Stevens, Yes men, Janelle Orsi, Lina Cramer, Renee Jackson

[11] P2P Foundation, Temps des communs, Moustic, Manucoop, Route des Sels, Freedom money, l’@nnexe, Ouishare Collab camp

[12] 35 presentations and demonstrations

[13] Thank you for your donations http://www.helloasso.com/associations/valeureux/collectes/soutien-aux-actions-de-valeureux



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